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  • The benefits of cooperation with us:

    For regular customers, we can offer a deferred payment

    Fast order processing

    All popular types of metalworking

    Loyalty program to regular customers - discounts for large volumes

    Delivery to all regions of the UAE and GCC countries

    Our employees include leading metallurgical specialists and scientists, engineers with more than 20 years of experience

    About us

    Every day, our company is engaged in improving work efficiency, expanding the product range, optimizing delivery systems, improving supply conditions and strengthening long-term cooperation with customers. We have developed a long-term development strategy. In it, we have identified 5 main goals and activities for the next few years.

    • Development of new directions of import as well as expansion of the range of current products.
    • Modernization of logistics systems
    • Enhance product quality control
    • Expansion of work geography.
    • Search and cooperation with new product manufacturers

    Product testing in the laboratory of spectral and chemical analysis to confirm the chemical composition of the alloy

    Free technical support of metallurgical engineers regarding the application of alloys

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